My First ChapBook of Poetry

Visionarie kindness

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I am happy to share my first chapbook in Poetry. In writing this chapbook, I am blessed to know so many wonderful people who have their given support as I create this work of art. Seventh Fire is now available online through, Google Play, Amazon, Apple iBooks-

Look for Seventh Fire under Krissy Mosley – A short poetic word of strength. Poetry in worship is therapy for the soul.To see a rare flower bloom, over a clever glass of snow- that would ignite a quest for life. Available for only 2.99…

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Visionarie kindness

over seas

In the Arms of stillness

breeds new life

Rushing shores of mercy

both tender and divine

within this sacred moment:

I release my eyes – that I might see

I release my ears – that I might hear

I release my arms that I might embrace

every fragile life in peace…

VisionarieKindness Poetry 2015

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My sweet Sol:

Over in Glory…

Visionarie kindness


(image credit photo: November rain- )

My soul

emerged – east of the Nile river

deeper – in the Red sea

Nesting in the wilderness

Hatching in milk and honey

I fastened my shoes in passover

Borrowed gold, exchanged my foreign speech,

not bruised ,marked or curse

Yet-upright my soul stood proud

My soul has a name in Canaan- that’s mighty sweet.

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Anger Is an Energy


I’m angry. Cartoon angry: steam is coming out of my ears. My face is a hue somewhere between “beet” and “red hot lava.” Though I’ve never used my fists in anger in my life, I feel as though I could break a stack of bricks, like one of those amazing karate videos you see on YouTube. Yeah, THAT angry.

Why? Several reasons. My good friend (and fellow blogger) SueBE has written a book for young people (called “Black Lives Matter”) that is being denounced by people who have neither read it nor have any idea what it purports to say. Ignorant people. Close-minded people. The kind of people I have had it up to here (gestures) with. “It says the author writes historical nonfiction for children. So glad to see she’s branched out into fiction,” sniffs one commenter. The enormity of the wrong-headedness of this person (and her ilk) could…

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Embracing the spring:

Visionarie kindness

blue bird

(free google image)

Maybe I’m breaking through my own soil. Finding the balance to live holistically healthy in spirit, mind and body. I am giving birth to a new me with the possibility of embracing happiness. I am here to experience love, and joy. The contrast of pain and sickness I am fully aware: in a world where dying is the end result, I still choose life. My launching pads are set, ready to journey deep into waters. I don’t have all the answers, yet something beckons within, holdout my fishing line and be ready for goodness to overflow.

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Words, Words, Words

Spirit of the Living God fall afresh on me…


From the time we were babies, my mother read to us. Not just children’s stories, either. She read poetry: Poe, Wordsworth, Eugene Field. My favorite of all was “The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes. It is a poem about a dashing criminal and his ladylove, who, in order to warn him that the Redcoats are waiting for him, kills herself. Despite the warning, he is gunned down “like a dog on the highway/ with a bunch of lace at his throat.” Not exactly Dr. Seuss. Still, I loved it. Part of that love came from my mother’s analysis and explanation of rhythm, rhyme and meter. “Listen to the way the words sound,” she said. “It sounds like a horse galloping down a road.” I listened. I heard it. My whole world changed.

From these early experiences bloomed a love of language. I’m fascinated by what words can do. Onomatopoeia thrills me…

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